Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Love Marriage ya Arranged Marriage

Wow! Writing is such an exciting art where you push yourself into a situation that you could never think of. Marriage, I enjoy those ceremonies. Great food, glitters around, women dressed up and more importantly, sweets of extra calories which we never mind!

Today, I tried standing in bridegroom’s shoe. Fantastic, I knew half the crowd in the wedding hall. If it was an arranged marriage, from now on, I will have to start loving the individual standing next to me, else, carry on with what I have done best till date. Loving finally matters. Has life ever given us choices!

Take one:

Man has always tried to formulate rules. At times, we feel our traditions are noble and well thought. Arranged marriage is one such kind of institution. This is governed by infinite rules. They match horoscopes and consider on what stars has got to say. They do background check better than our FBI/CBI. Financial and family status in the society carries equal importance. Finally, if everything goes right, boy and girl speak to each other, and they have got two minutes to make a decision!

When you were a kid, imagine your dad throwing you in the air. You were all smiles; you knew he would hold you when you fall down. The same trust is here as well. Parents can never make a mistake in choosing a write match. It’s like they’ll show the way, but ultimately it’s on the couple as they are the travellers of long journey, they can either sail smoothly in the waters or choose to walk the forest of thorns!

Take two:

Loose control, break the rules, rewrite them!

Scientific acumen has always taught us this. Centuries rolled, Indian society longed to dawn the modern gown. In the process, we forgot Aryabhatta, we called our philosophy ancient, sold our numbers and welcomed void.

Thirties were defined as new marriage age, and twenties as the age to fall in love. College were shown as the place where hero and heroine meet, bunk classes, roam around the garden, share the umbrella as the first rains took no time to kiss the earth, fight with the untidy goons, thrash them for the girl, make mid night calls as telephone vendors keep slashing their night tariff, unlimited texting all day, convince parents, threaten that only death is the alternate option, get married, movie ends, life starts!

If we go to car showroom, we take a test ride before we make a purchase. Same holds good here. One can make a right choice of vehicle after reading thousand of reviews, but if the piece delivered is faulty, company will replace it, but marriage doesn’t!

Final Verdict:

With my limited knowledge, I have tried connecting the dots. Love or arranged, prefix doesn’t matter. If the couple pledge to choose “love” as the suffix for the word- marriage, institution of marriage will be heralded. A moment spent with no love and no respect, is the life spent unworthy.

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  1. I'm finally done with mine.. So here i am to read urs! ;) Good views! I agree Love n Respect must!!!

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  2. short, crisp, but extremely packed with facts! All the best!