Virtually There

Virtually There, fondly called as VT, an weekly column, intended of creating a new thought process in the minds of readers. This is was my first hand in article writing. I wanted to connect with the common man. Handful of topics and galore of ideas in my mind, here it is how it unfolded-

  • VT-V1 on "Manipal Spirit"
  • VT-V2 on "Redefining INDEPENDENCE"
  • VT-V3 on "Free Society"
  • VT-V4 on "Entrepreneurship & Startups"
  • VT-V5 on "An ode to Love"
  • VT-V6 on "Live the Life"
  • VT-V7 on "Divine Prayer:An Interview"
  • VT-V8 on "Night outs"
  • VT-V9 on "Annual Day"

This column originally appeared here in ManipalBlog.

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